Confession: I have to admitt, that my taste for films is totally weird and the sranger the film is,the more I like it.
Plus if it is Scandinavian it in 9 out of 10 I totally love it – no idea why, maybe I am still impressed by the tattoed vikings :-P)

This film was selected by my friends, so again I was in a queue waiting for some film I didn´t know what it as about.
But at the minute I saw the country where it was produced: Danemark: my heard did a loap. I have this totally random obsession by scandianavian movies.
Won´t bother my dearest reader by describing the story line. Basically it was about a life in prison (just a tiny note: some of the scenes, especially in the back yard of the prison dangerously remined me of my lovely Middlesbrough – wtf?).

I loved the atmosphere of the film. The desperate, rough, heavy….sad and totally pulling you inside. This year for the first time I was staring on the screen, eyes wide open.

Drug dealing, money smuggling in one´s ass as a way to survival. Non existing friendships – and no bithiness- that´s for kids- these guys go straight to blood.

In the two thirds of the film the main hero changed, but still delivering the same message – „there is no us“, as one of the prisoners said. The prison is a place of fight for survival, and the filmmakers made sure, that this message came accross and the audience got it.

So my ranking: one of my top 10 films so far!
(wouldn´t reccomend it as a bedtime story though, my dreams were strange)

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