Karlovy Vary….a totaly legendary festival

„I love you honey bunny…..

…I was asked to write something clever, funny entertaining and about the film festival in Karlovy Vary. Ah well. I´ll try… as far as my blurred memories allow me (blame the red wine drunk in the park each year, but it counts as the films were discussed at the same time)

So Karlovy Vary is a legendary festival, where the stars meet the backpackers – or the backpackers meet the stars. . . hmm or maybe just a place in time and space, where the two different worlds just coexist together for one week per year. Stars are doing their work, showing off their new garderobe, boyfriends, haircuts, whaterver,  whereas at the same time the cinemas are packed by the film lovers, who are tryig to see as much as possible as most of the movies are too intelectual to make it to the cinemas.

Every year I made it….loved it …and here we go again, all the queuing in the morning for the ticket to some unknown film, again hours of staring at the screen with open mouth (ok, sometimes closed eyes and snoring, but c´mon it is ok to sleep through your fifth film that day)

So yeah, as each year, all the film geeks and nurds, the star lovers, the stars and the party people move to Karlovy Vary (and don´t you dare think it is in Czechoslovakia!!!!!!!!!)

If your a.s is too lazy (or to big :-P) to be mooved, we´ll try to bring you some news at this pages. Maybe comments to the films and photos and we will see :)


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