Diary of a festival girl

Diary…of a girls, so don´t bother if you are intelectuall, the cotent of this certainly is not

So my first day….
Which was actually 4th day for the festival. However. Started very traditionaly for me as I found myself driving on the wrong side of the road (unfortunately in a middle of a crossroad)…ah well I bring my own England in my brain with me. After a total panic attack, reversing and going forward, trying to figure on which side ofthe road actually to go I found my way –

Whatever, bring the fun on, baby!

I have been coming here to the film festival for something close to „ages“, but I am totally addicted to the atmosphere!!
The wafles! The smell of saussages (sorry veggies, no offence but this totally belongs to it). The russian spa guests who sem to have no clue what´s going around. And the tons of people with orange stripes around their necks – the festival people. There is a secret strategy: the ones who have their card hanging down from by the shorter side – they are the regular visitiors. But the ones who have their festival pass hanging horizontaly- they are the film makers, the producers, the stars, the press – ok sometimes they are also the taxi drivers. But smiling at them is always worth a try, you never know :)

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